What is Beneficial Reuse?

It’s giving a new purpose for unwanted products and materials instead of throwing it away.

Reusing is simply reducing waste and the costs associated with hazardous material, recycling services, incineration and landfilling.

The Beneficial Reuse Program helps businesses divert reusable items at scale, for all their locations.

Beneficial Reuse Of Hazardous Waste

Transforming the linear economy into a circular one, where waste is minimized, resources are optimized, and environmental impact is reduced

Why Beneficial Reuse?

It’s simply the most sustainable & economical option to dispose of unwanted merchandise.

Compared to traditional liquidation, recycling, and other waste management models, beneficial reuse delivers countless benefits to your business, your bottom line – and the greater good.

  • Save 50% versus traditional disposal methods
  • PLUS, get tax write-offs up to 50% of your total donation
  • While improving your corporate sustainability & social impact

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Industrial Waste Disposal

We identify good products wrongly going to landfills.

Product Disposal

We match your products with communities in need.


We handle pick-up and transportation within days.


We streamline and digitalize all documentations for complilance and tax benefits.

Beneficial reUSE
as Alternative to

How To Recycle Hand Sanitizer

Where traditional commercial recycling methods often stumble, Beneficial Reuse presents a renewed vision, seamlessly intertwining environmental responsibility with undeniable business merits.

Charity Tax Deduction Calculator

Enter beneficial reuse, the practice of giving new life to unwanted products instead of destroying them. Happen Ventures, committed to this practice, stands at the forefront of transforming the way businesses handle waste.

Charity Tax Deduction Calculator

Every business grapples with surplus inventory that clutters warehouses, ties up capital, and creates operational challenges. While many default to traditional liquidation, a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative is Beneficial Reuse.

success stories

Happen Ventures' commitment to beneficial reuse and creative problem-solving allowed the customer to turn a potential waste issue into an opportunity to delight and support the local community.

Beneficial Reuse Management
Food Disposal Food Disposal
pallets Icon 156 Pallets
#3 Case study February 18, 2023

Walgreens, a leading pharmacy store chain in the US, found their warehouse overwhelmed by hundreds of idle coolers. It was then that Happen Ventures stepped up, offering their Beneficial Reuse Program as a sustainable, cost-effective answer.

Beneficial Reuse Management
Packages Overstocked
pallets Icon 214 Items
#5 Case study February 19, 2023

With Partnership with Burlington Stores we able to clear their office space of unwanted inventory while also making a meaningful contribution to the community.

Beneficial Reuse Management
Purell Hand Sanitizer Disposal Sanitizer Disposal
pallets Icon 117 Pallets
#2 Case study February 17, 2023

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Happen Ventures makes it easy to give back by taking all the legwork out of donating your waste or overstocked items to the very community they are in.

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