Turning the Tide: How Happen Ventures and Walgreens Revolutionized Storage and Community Support Through Reuse

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Walgreens coolers

Picture this: a bustling Walgreens warehouse, filled to the brim with coolers. Coolers that are taking up precious space, time, and additional costs. It was clear that we had a challenge on our hands. Hundreds of coolers, all lined up, waiting for a new purpose.  The goal was to free up space for future products, but we also saw an opportunity to do something even bigger: reuse and  strengthening community support.

A Plan Comes Together

We put our heads together and came up with a game plan. Moving these coolers wasn’t just about logistics—it was about making an impact.

  1. Logistics Planning: We mapped out the most efficient routes, scheduled the transports, and coordinated with the warehouse team. Every detail was covered to ensure a smooth operation.
  2. Team Assembly: Our team was a mix of movers, drivers, and coordinators, each bringing their expertise to the table. Everyone had a role, and everyone was ready to play their part.
  3. Safety First: We prioritized safety, ensuring all team members had the right gear and followed strict protocols. Moving heavy coolers is no joke, and we wanted everyone to stay safe.

Moving Day Magic

The big day arrived, and our team was ready. The warehouse buzzed with activity as coolers were loaded onto trucks with precision and care. Each trip was meticulously timed, and at the new locations, teams were on standby to unload and set up the coolers.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Making a Difference

Walgreen's coolers

By the end of the project, we had moved hundreds of coolers, freeing up a massive amount of space in the Walgreens warehouse. But the benefits went beyond just logistics:

  • Cost Savings: Walgreens saved big on storage costs. With the extra space, they could expand their product range, which was a win for their business.
  • Community Reuse: We partnered with local charities to distribute the coolers. This meant that people in the community who needed refrigeration equipment could get it. It was a fantastic way to give back and ensure that nothing went to waste.
  • Environmental Impact: By reusing the coolers, Walgreens reduced their environmental footprint. It was a small step towards a more sustainable future, showing that every little bit helps.

The Ripple Effect

This project was more than just moving coolers—it was about creating a positive ripple effect. At Happen Ventures, we believe in doing things right and making a difference along the way. This was a perfect example of how a logistical challenge can turn into an opportunity to support the community and promote sustainability.

So next time you see a cooler, remember: there’s a whole story behind how it got there, and it’s one we’re incredibly proud of.


Happen Ventures makes it easy to give back by taking all the legwork out of donating your waste or overstocked items to the very community they are in.

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