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Unwanted Coolers
#2 case study February 19, 2023

Unwanted Coolers

Walgreens & Happen Ventures: An Inspiring Tale of Surplus Inventory Repurposing


A conundrum arose when Walgreens, a leading pharmacy store chain in the US, found their warehouse overwhelmed by hundreds of idle coolers. It was then that Happen Ventures stepped up, offering their Beneficial Reuse Program as a sustainable, cost-effective answer. By swiftly relocating these coolers to various locations, Happen Ventures not only supplied essential equipment for communities and charities but also reduced storage costs for Walgreens.

The Challenge:

Overwhelmed by an excess of coolers, Walgreens’ warehouse space was dwindling. The surplus was not only a financial strain, but also a hindrance to their ability to expand their product offerings. They needed a dependable partner to help relocate the coolers quickly and safely, ensuring their repurposing was both sustainable and responsible.

The Solution:

Enter Happen Ventures, with their Beneficial Reuse Program as the optimal solution for Walgreens’ surplus inventory predicament. Aiming to create a positive impact on the environment and local communities, Happen Ventures sought to repurpose and redistribute unused items while providing Walgreens with an affordable alternative.

The Process:

Situation Evaluation:

  • Happen Ventures started by assessing the coolers’ volume and condition to devise an efficient relocation strategy.

Transportation Services:

  • Next, they arranged for the safe transfer of coolers from the warehouse to their new homes.


  • Efficient coordination between teams ensured minimal disruption to Walgreens’ operations during the move.

Partnering with Charities:

  • Happen Ventures showcased corporate social responsibility by collaborating with local charities to distribute the coolers among community members in need.

The Results:

With Happen Ventures’ Beneficial Reuse Program, Walgreens successfully:

  • Liberated crucial warehouse space, paving the way for future product expansion.
  • Cut down on storage expenses by effectively managing surplus inventory.
  • Positively impacted the environment by repurposing unused coolers instead of landfilling them.
  • Supported local communities and charities by supplying vital refrigeration equipment.
  • Enhanced their image as a responsible, sustainable organization.


cooler disposal

Eddy, a spokesperson for a local charity that received the coolers, shared his appreciation: “We are grateful for your donation of 214 of these beautiful coolers. We have already given some to a local fire department for their use. Thank you again.”


The collaboration between Walgreens and Happen Ventures stands as a testament to the power of innovative and socially responsible waste management solutions. Happen Ventures’ Beneficial Reuse Program emerged as a win-win for Walgreens, local communities, and the environment. By repurposing surplus inventory, Walgreens saved on storage costs, assisted local charities, and demonstrated its dedication to sustainable business practices. This triumphant partnership highlights the long-lasting, positive impact such solutions can have on businesses and the world at large.

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