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Managing surplus inventory is a major challenge for retailers. Excess stock, returns, and slightly damaged goods often end up in landfills, leading to high disposal costs and environmental damage. 

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This process is not only expensive but also diverts valuable resources and staff time away from core business operations. At Happen Ventures, we understand these issues more than ever. 

Our Beneficial Reuse Program offers a practical solution by redirecting usable products from landfills to communities in need. This helps retailers cut disposal costs, gain tax benefits, and improve their sustainability efforts and ESG scores..

As consumers increasingly seek out eco-friendly retailers, adopting sustainable practices can elevate your business and strengthen your brand’s reputation. 

This program makes retail waste reduction easy and impactful, benefiting both your business and the environment.

The Problem of Retail Waste

Retailers face significant challenges with surplus inventory, which includes excess stock, off-spec products, and returns. 

This waste leads to high disposal costs and environmental damage, and managing it diverts valuable resources. 

Here are some seldom discussed issues:

  • Storage Costs: Excess inventory takes up valuable warehouse space, increasing storage costs.
  • Devaluation: Over time, products lose value, leading to financial losses when they’re finally sold or disposed of.
  • Regulatory Hurdles: There are strict regulations around disposing of certain products, especially those with environmental or health impacts.
  • Brand Image: Waste can negatively affect a retailer’s brand, especially as consumers become more environmentally conscious.
  • Logistical Strains: Managing and disposing of excess inventory diverts staff time and resources from core business activities.
  • Hidden Fees: Costs associated with waste disposal are often higher than expected, including transportation and processing fees.

These challenges highlight the need for sustainable, streamlined waste management practices in the retail sector.

Happen Ventures’ Innovative Reuse Program

At Happen Ventures, our Beneficial Reuse Program is designed to solve the tricky problem of retail waste. 

Here’s a detailed look at how it works & why it’s valuable:

  • Identifying Usable Products: We work with retailers to spot excess inventory, returned items, and products with minor flaws that are still usable. Instead of these items ending up in landfills, we find ways to repurpose them.
  • Stock Management: Managing extra stock can be overwhelming. Our program helps by organizing and tracking all the items that can be diverted from waste. We make sure nothing useful gets thrown away.
  • Team Coordination: Our team takes care of everything. We coordinate with retail staff to gather surplus items and connect with local charities and non-profits that need these goods. This makes the whole process smooth and easy for retailers.
  • Logistics and Fast Delivery: Once we identify and sort the items, we quickly arrange transportation. Our fast delivery service ensures that products reach donation centers and community organizations quickly. This helps reduce storage costs and gets items to those in need faster.
  • Compliance and Documentation: We handle all the paperwork and compliance. This includes providing donation receipts and tax documentation, which can help retailers save money. We ensure everything is done by the book, so retailers don’t have to worry about regulations.
  • Tax Benefits: Donating surplus items can lead to significant tax deductions. We help retailers maximize these benefits by ensuring all donations are properly documented and compliant with tax rules.
  • Cost Savings: Our program helps retailers save money by reducing waste disposal costs. On average, our clients cut their waste expenses by 43%. This often means saving over $1.5 million in tax credits and cash returns.

Environmental Impact

Diverting usable products from landfills helps the environment. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and supports a more sustainable way of doing business.

This is increasingly important as more consumers look for eco-friendly companies.

Community Support

Our program also benefits local communities. By donating usable goods, retailers can make a real difference in the lives of people who need these products.

This builds goodwill and strengthens community connections.

By partnering with Happen Ventures, retailers can turn their waste problems into positive outcomes. 

Our Beneficial Reuse Program is a simple, effective solution that saves money, helps the environment, and supports communities. 

We make it easy for retailers to make a big impact with their surplus inventory.

What Happen Ventures Accepts

At Happen Ventures, we help retailers manage surplus inventory by accepting a wide range of products to divert from landfills. Here’s a concise overview of what we accept:


We accept baby formula, milk, protein products, fresh produce, and candy, provided they meet safety standards. Boxed goods, imperfect packaging, and discounted products approaching expiration are also welcome.

Despite the fact that one in nine people suffer from hunger globally, a staggering one-third of all food produced ends up wasted, resulting in an annual loss of $940 billion.


Items such as linens, towels, small furniture, kitchen utensils, and appliances like mixers and blenders are accepted. We also take dishes, glassware, curtains, blankets, and pillows.

Pharmacy & Healthcare

We accept face masks, hand sanitizer, lotions, shampoos, conditioners, shaving cream, and razor blades, provided they are in their original packaging and meet safety standards.


Clothing, jewelry, shoes, diapers, and toilet paper are accepted. School supplies like notebooks and pens, as well as baby wipes and women’s hygiene products, are welcome.


We take CPUs, laptops, flat-screen monitors, working TVs, cell phones, and tablets, all of which can be refurbished and reused.


Accepted items include aftershaves, fragrances, hairspray, hair products, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes, aerosol deodorants, and nail care products.

Office Supplies

We accept paper, desks, chairs, pens, pencils, markers, and staplers, which support educational and community programs.

Cleaning Supplies

We accept all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants, aerosol air fresheners, drain cleaners, mildew removers, laundry stain removers, and tub and tile cleaners.

We accept these products and much more, helping retailers manage surplus inventory, reduce waste, and support local communities in need. 

Reuse Program Benefits for Retailers

Partnering with Happen Ventures offers substantial benefits for retailers. Firstly, the financial advantages are significant. By reducing waste disposal expenses and benefiting from tax deductions on donated surplus inventory, retailers can see a marked improvement in their financial performance.

Our program is designed for simplicity and efficiency. There’s no need for complex product segregation—just a single click, and we handle the entire pickup process. This streamlined approach saves retailers time and reduces logistical challenges, allowing them to focus on their core operations.

Transparency is a core feature of our service. We provide detailed impact reports, pickup calendars, and donation documentation. This ensures retailers have clear, accessible data to track their contributions and benefits.

Compliance is another crucial aspect. Our program ensures full adherence to all relevant regulations, minimizing risk and reducing the administrative burden. This means retailers can avoid potential legal issues and focus on strategic business activities.

The environmental benefits are equally important. By diverting usable products from landfills, we help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainable practices. 

This not only benefits the planet but also meets the increasing consumer demand for environmentally responsible businesses.

Social responsibility is at the heart of our program. Donating products to local communities in need aligns with retailers’ core values and demonstrates a commitment to social impact. This strengthens community ties and enhances the retailer’s reputation.

How this Reuse Program Works

Happen Ventures designed the Beneficial Reuse Program to be straightforward and highly effective.

step-by-step explanation of how Beneficial reuse works works

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how it works:

  • Identify: In the first two weeks, we work closely with retailers to identify ongoing product streams. This involves categorizing surplus inventory by type and location, ensuring we have a clear understanding of what can be repurposed.
  • Match: In the next two weeks, we match these identified products with communities in need near each location. This ensures that the donated items are used where they are most needed, providing immediate benefits to local communities.
  • Onboarding: The onboarding process takes another two weeks. During this time, we integrate the retailer into our system, providing a custom impact report that outlines the potential benefits and logistics of the program. This includes all necessary documentation and compliance details.
  • First Donations: Within six weeks of starting the program, we aim to achieve the first donations. We ensure the process is smooth and provide pictures and documentation of the donations, demonstrating the tangible impact of the program.

Final Thoughts

Partnering with Happen Ventures offers retailers an innovative and practical solution to the challenges of managing surplus inventory. 

Beyond the direct financial benefits and operational simplicity, our program helps retailers improve their sustainability profile and strengthen community relationships. 

Our program also provides comprehensive support and guidance throughout the process. Happen Ventures handles each step efficiently and effectively, from the initial assessment to the first donation.

We encourage retailers to visit the Happen Ventures website for more information on how our Beneficial Reuse Program can address your specific needs. Our team is ready to provide personalized support and answer any questions you may have. 

Take the first step towards reducing waste and supporting your community by contacting us today.


Happen Ventures makes it easy to give back by taking all the legwork out of donating your waste or overstocked items to the very community they are in.

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