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#1 case study February 20, 2023

Sanitizers Beneficial Reuse

Sanitizer Disposal
169 pallets
  • -50% on waste cost

How Happen Ventures Helped a Customer in Puerto Rico Donate Unwanted Sanitizers to Local Charities and Save on Waste Costs

#2 case study February 19, 2023

Unwanted Coolers

214 Items
  • Cost Effective
  • Rapid Pick Up

Walgreens, a leading pharmacy store chain in the US, found their warehouse overwhelmed by hundreds of idle coolers. It was then that Happen Ventures stepped up, offering their Beneficial Reuse Program as a sustainable, cost-effective answer.

#3 case study February 18, 2023

Pocky Sticks to the Local Community

Food Disposal
156 Pallets
  • Donation for community

Happen Ventures' commitment to beneficial reuse and creative problem-solving allowed the customer to turn a potential waste issue into an opportunity to delight and support the local community.

#4 case study February 17, 2023

Office supplies and sanitizers

Sanitizer Disposal
117 Pallets
  • Unwanted inventory

With Partnership with Burlington Stores we able to clear their office space of unwanted inventory while also making a meaningful contribution to the community.

#5 case study February 15, 2023

Expired Sanitizers Disposal

Sanitizer Disposal
650 Pallets
  • -50% on waste cost

Solving Schnuck's, a leading supermarket chain problem of disposing of 25 truckloads of expired sanitizer.

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