Supporting Women in Jail: Happen Ventures Connects Donors to Make a Difference

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Incarcerated women face significant challenges – like limited access to basic necessities and the stigmas around their circumstances. The power of reuse is bringing resources to all communities in need – regardless of who they are. Embracing sustainability can help bridge the gap in support and resources for these marginalized groups, giving new life to items that would otherwise be discarded.

Honor, Encourage, Motivate, Prosper

People in jail rarely get access to extra resources, and if they do, the quality is usually low. The stigma around incarceration usually means that these communities are the last to receive attention or support. By focusing on reuse and sustainability, we can help ensure that high-quality resources reach those who need them most, reducing waste and promoting a more equitable distribution of goods.

Recently, we partnered with The H.E.M.P Legacy Foundation, a community organization dedicated to empowering men and women “regardless of their past.” Through a series of social and support programs, they are advocating for people in prison and providing access to additional resources. This partnership highlights how reuse initiatives can foster sustainability while also providing critical support to underserved communities.

Bringing Cosmetics to Communities

With our reuse programs, companies and businesses with excess items can easily donate them to local non-profits like H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation. This not only supports sustainability efforts but also brings much-needed resources to those in dire circumstances.

We discovered 26 pallets worth of cosmetics and beauty products we’re headed for a landfill – shampoo, leave-in conditioner, spray hair masks, shampoo tissues, hair balm, and more. Working with H.E.M.P., we redirected these usable items to local incarcerated women. Not only did they get more essentials, they got items to improve their quality of life. This initiative showcases how sustainability and reuse can provide dignity and improved living conditions for marginalized individuals.

Plus, these items that were destined for the dump are now being used by people who need them. Less waste and less pollution! This is a clear win for sustainability, reducing the environmental footprint by ensuring these products are put to good use rather than contributing to landfill waste.

Turning Excess Inventory into Positive Change: Our Commitment at Happen Ventures

  • Reuse for Good:
    Our team is dedicated to ensuring that donated products are efficiently repurposed and distributed to those in need. We work closely with non-profits like the H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation to streamline the process, from collection to distribution, ensuring that items reach the intended recipients quickly and effectively. This not only aids in sustainability but also strengthens community support networks.
  • Local Resources:
    With company and community partners all over the country, our reuse programs help divert excess items to the organizations and people that need them the most – in the areas they are in! That means less shipping and more support for local communities. Supporting local efforts enhances the sustainability of our programs by reducing carbon footprints associated with transportation.
  • Sustainable Impact:
    By repurposing excess inventory, we help reduce waste and promote sustainability. Our efforts contribute to a circular economy, where products are given a second life rather than ending up in landfills. This approach not only supports environmental goals but also addresses critical needs within communities.

Together, we can turn potential waste into valuable resources that make a real difference in people’s lives and promote a more sustainable future.


Happen Ventures makes it easy to give back by taking all the legwork out of donating your waste or overstocked items to the very community they are in.

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