A Conversation on Waste: Happen Ventures’ CEO with Waste Today Magazine

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“We are redefining resourcefulness by redirecting corporate overstock to empower nonprofits and enrich communities.”

While recently Involved with Waste Today Magazine, our CEO Jessica Gonzalez shared her insights and the ambitious goals of Happen Ventures in sustainable waste management.

The inception of Happen Ventures sprouted from a unique challenge. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses found themselves with an excess of personal protective equipment (PPE) – hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, and more. 

Jessica Gonzalez, our founder, saw an opportunity among this surplus. 

As she reflects, “Everyone ordered way too much PPE during the pandemic… But there are still a lot of needs for it.” 

Inspired by her father’s philosophy of not wasting “perfectly good things,” Jessica envisioned a sustainable solution. 

This idea evolved into Happen Ventures – a platform to connect these surplus items with nonprofits that desperately need them, turning a potential waste problem into a resource for the community.

Mission for Ages

Happen Ventures, founded by Jessica Gonzalez in 2022, tackles the often-overlooked issue of excess inventory in businesses. 

This Puerto Rico-based startup is not just a company, but a mission-driven entity that finds new homes for overstock and expiring products by partnering them with nonprofit organizations in dire need. 

Covering a vast region across the northern hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and even Central and South America, Happen Ventures operates with a robust network of transportation partners. 

Our efficient system and proprietary software ensures that these valuable resources reach nonprofits effectively. 

The CEO’s Perspective on Beneficial Reuse

Jessica Gonzalez sheds light on how Happen Ventures tackles the challenge of medical waste by redirecting near-expiration medical supplies to those in need, thereby reducing waste. 

We are able to divert these things to people who can actually use them, says CEO of Happen Ventures.

The CEO also discusses innovative reuse scenarios, like transforming chemical waste into useful products or finding new uses for expired medical items in animal shelters. 

She expresses her concern about the disposal of cosmetic products like aerosol hairsprays, which are often classified as hazardous waste, and emphasizes the importance of redirecting such items for beneficial use rather than following the costly disposal process.

These are often perfectly good, consumable items being classified as hazardous waste,” 

Jessica Gonzalez says. 

They can be diverted.

A realistic image depicting the concept of transforming cosmetic products like aerosol hairsprays, lotions, shampoos, and perfumes from hazardous waste

What We Have Achieved? Our Success Stories

Happen Ventures showcases remarkable achievements in waste management and beneficial reuse. 

We have successfully diverted significant quantities of products, including over 50,000 truckloads of merchandise and 300,000+ miles saved in transportation. 

Happen Ventures achievements

Schnuck’s Sanitizer Surplus

Faced with 25 truckloads of expired sanitizer, Schnuck’s supermarket chain collaborated with Happen Ventures. 

Our Beneficial Reuse Program not only offered a sustainable solution for Schnuck’s but also benefited communities by providing them with much-needed sanitizer.

Sanitizer Reuse in Puerto Rico

Happen Ventures assisted a client in Puerto Rico with a surplus of unwanted sanitizer. Rather than disposing of it, we repurposed the sanitizer for local charities, providing essential hygiene products during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The initiative also included training sessions on proper sanitizer usage, emphasizing the importance of good hygiene practices.

This showcases the substantial economic and environmental impact of their initiatives. 

These achievements are a testament to our effective approach in bridging the gap between surplus goods and community needs.

The Expansion Goals

Happen Ventures outlines its ambitious plan to broaden its reach. The goal is to extend the beneficial reuse program to encompass 20,000 locations, significantly increasing their impact in waste reduction and community support. 

This expansion is not just about numbers, it’s about amplifying their positive influence on both the environment and society. 

The aim is to create a larger network that can more effectively redistribute surplus items to where they are needed most.

Future Plans and Innovations

Happen Ventures is advancing its approach to sustainability. 

Jessica explains, What’s made this so successful for us is the advantages of beneficial reuse over traditional sustainability options.

We are creating an app for easier matching of surplus items with organizations, enhancing efficiency and reach. 

Also in development is an AI platform to innovate sustainable reuse solutions, further demonstrating their commitment to evolving and improving their impact in sustainable waste management.

What’s Next? The Forward-thinking Vision!

The vision for Happen Ventures is not just about addressing today’s challenges but also about preparing for a sustainable future. 

With a focus on innovation, community collaboration, and environmental stewardship, Happen Ventures is set to redefine the landscape of waste management and sustainability.


Link to the Article: https://www.wastetodaymagazine.com/news/happen-ventures-specializes-in-landfill-diversion-through-beneficial-reuse/


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